Nuffield Netherlands is an organization that provides outstanding agricultural entrepreneurs with the chance to further their personal development and explore issues and opportunities in agriculture. We do this by providing scholarships. Our goal is to strengthen the Dutch agricultural sector and educate the future leaders of our industry. Scholarships are awarded annually to people who have the vision, enthusiasm and determination to pursue their goals.

The Nuffield Scholarships were founded by Lord Nuffield – a British philanthropist who developed a travelling education program after World War 2. His program introduced agricultural entrepreneurs to worldwide best practices in agriculture. Over the last 60 years, Nuffield Scholarships were awarded to more than 1600 scholars from around the world. For more on Nuffield’s history and background, click here.

The Nuffield program

As a Nuffield scholar, you will follow an education program of 18 months at BSc+ level. You will carry out your own research, build a national and international network and collect knowledge relevant to your personal and business future.

A Nuffield Scholarship opens doors that would otherwise remain closed. It comes with a ‘golden key’ to the best production, management and marketing systems and people in every corner of the world. Nuffield Netherlands focuses specifically on the topics of entrepreneurship, sustainability and chains. Not only do scholars make life-long friends, they also gain a deeper understanding of how global policies and cultures impact The Netherlands. Many call a Nuffield Scholarship ‘a life-changing opportunity’!

Nuffield Scholars

In case you become a Nuffield Scholar, you will kick off in March with the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC). This is the official start for all scholars around the world.

After the conference you will sharpen and define your ideas for your own research. During the Nuffield Scholarship, you will travel and study abroad for a minimum of six weeks. This will allow you to step away from your daily work and acquire the knowledge and insights you need. Scholars from abroad will also visit your farm.

Upon completion of your studies, you will produce a written executive summary and present your findings. This can be done in a way that is both suitable to you and effective in transferring the message to the Dutch agricultural sector and education system. As a scholar, you have the possibility to receive a Nuffield certificate as part of a Master’s degree.

Apply now!

We have € 7.500 available for each candidate, which includes the costs of the CSC. We would like to receive your motivational letter and CV in English.

Interested? Contact Alfons Beldman for more information.

A Nuffield Scholarship provides individuals with the unique opportunity to:

  • Access the world’s best in food and farming
  • Stand back from their day-to-day occupation and study a topic of real interest
  • Achieve personal development through travel and study
  • Deliver long-term benefits to the Dutch farm, food and rural economies