During the last 60 years, over 1600 international Nuffield Scholars have had the opportunity to travel and advance their knowledge and experience.

William Morris – Lord Nuffield

The Nuffield name and coat of arms – a bull on a bike – stem from Lord Nuffield. He was born in 1877 as William Morris, the grandson of a Worcester farmer. Morris had a successful career in the motor industry and learned a lot from his travels. He recognized the value of travelling for knowledge advancement and sent his staff out into the world to further their development and return with new business models that could be used in the Morris company. Thanks to his financial success and consequent rise in social status, he was award the title of 1st Viscount of Nuffield. As a philanthropist, he supported the research and students of Oxford University. He was able to donate over 30 million pounds during his lifetime!

Nuffield Foundation

In 1943 the Nuffield Foundations was established for ‘the advancement of health and social well-being and the care and comfort of the aged poor’. This goal was expanded to include the agricultural sector in 1947. The Nuffield Foundation consequently chose its first scholars and sent them out to bring England’s farmers more information on good and innovative agricultural practices from around the world. By 1956 the foundation was already supporting 8 scholars a year and funds came mainly from the agricultural sector. The Nuffield organization has gone international from 1950 onwards and networks and funds have been established in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

Nuffield today

At present, over 1600 scholars worldwide have already profited from a Nuffield Scholarship. This has had a significant positive impact on the agricultural sector. Since 2011, Nuffield Netherlands is also part of the worldwide Nuffield network.


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